High Alkaline Water

High Alkaline Water


Today’s culture of normalizing high sugar, fat, additive food makes it seem impossible to make healthy choices. Many people lack the knowledge of how to make even the smallest start, and unfortunately they know even less about water. How many times have we heard that “water is water” and there is no difference in tap, bottled or a fancy label? Well, the remarkable and sobering fact is that water is the cornerstone of your health. It is your very starting point. Your body is mostly water, and we will die without it. We all learned these simple facts in school but what we didn’t learn is what QUALITY of water we need. Most water available is acidic, not to mention full of unfiltered toxins or additives that are placed there in order to change the taste or to make it “seem” healthier. This simply adds more acidity to your already acidic American diet thus poisoning our systems further. Here are the top 5 reasons to replace your water with high alkaline water today:

  1. HYDRATION: Hydration is essential to your body’s brain, cell and organ function. A high alkaline water is soothing to the system compared to acidic water and more easily absorbed by your body with the help of natural minerals (not added in the bottling plant) such as calcium and magnesium. It is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water… For example, if you are a 120 pound woman you would strive to drink 60 oz. of water a day. Imagine what benefits you could reap if this 60 oz. was high PH and alkaline! Glowing skin, tons of energy and better endurance are just a few
  2. AN ANTIOXIDANT: Alkaline water has the ability to “lend” electrons. Therefore it has the ability to neutralize and also block free- radical damage to the body’s tissues and cells. Free radicals are everywhere and extremely harmful, especially over time. We all have heard about things like green tea or other supplements to block free radicals but what if it could be as simple as the choice in water you drink every day?
  3. STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM: Your body is the most complex, brilliant piece of “technology” you will ever own. You are born with the ability to heal yourself. However, after years of being bombarded with free radicals, toxins, parasites, and low quality food, it becomes very acidic. Low PH in your system is equivalent to a virus in your hard drive: You aren't going to function and perform optimally and eventually you could break down altogether. For us, this breakdown comes in the form of illness. As soon as we are able to elevate our body’s PH it can go back to healing itself. A surge of alkalinity daily in your water choice can keep you at your optimal functioning.
  4. DETOXIFY: We hear a lot about detoxification these days. Everyone seems to want to “go on a detox.” What isn’t widely discussed is that your body is already in a state of detoxification all the time. Your kidneys and especially your liver exist to filter and detoxify. The best aid to helping your system in detoxification is water, and lots of it. With alkaline water your body can better flush out the toxins and actually reverse things like inflammation and signs of aging!
  5. RAISE THE PH OF YOUR BODY: This is possibly the most important reason to drink alkaline water. Alkalizing is the foundation of better health! Heres an interesting visual: If you were trying to grow cancer in a petri dish, you would need a acidic environment in order for it to grow. (This is the same for any disease). The second that environment in the petri dish becomes alkaline that cancer will die. What does this mean? It means that if our bodies are predominantly acidic we are the perfect breeding ground for diseases. Changing the alkalinity of your body will be the most important thing you do for your health and it starts with the basic ingredient we need to survive: water.

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