Native History

Native History

Lords of the Plains

I have heard since a child of the horsemanship of the Comanche "Lords of the plains". I have seen paintings of them in battle on the sides of the horse shooting their bow over the back. My ancestors who are Chickasaw bred and developed their own breed called the Chickasaw Horse. This was the breed preferred by ranchers. (From article in the Chickasaw Times by Holmes Willis Lemon in 1977)

The Comanche

The Comanche are a Native American nation from the Great Plains whose historic territory, known as Comancheria, consisted of present day eastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, western Oklahoma, and most of northwest Texas. The Comanche people are federally recognized as the Comanche Nation, headquartered in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Post-contact, the Comanches were hunter-gatherers with a horse culture. There may have been as many as 45,000 Comanches in the late 18th century.They were the dominant tribe on the Southern Plains and often took captives from weaker tribes during warfare, selling them as slaves to the Spanish and later Mexican settlers. They also took thousands of captives from the Spanish, Mexican, and American settlers.

Today, the Comanche Nation has 15,191 members, approximately 7,763 of whom reside in tribal jurisdictional area around the Lawton, Fort Sill, and surrounding areas of southwest Oklahoma. The Comanche Nation Homecoming Powwow is held annually in Walters, Oklahoma in mid-July. From: (SiJohn, Raven. "Home." Comanche Nation. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Sept. 2016.) The Comanche language is a Numic language of the Uto-Aztecan family, sometimes classified as a Shoshoni dialect. Only about 1% of Comanches speak their language today. The name "Comanche" is from the Ute name for them, kɨmantsi (enemy).

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