Available Now! - Water in a Box

Available Now! - Water in a Box

Spirit in a Box

Due to the high demand we were behind 3 to 4 days on all of our orders.

There are many health and environmental advantages to our new product. We have the new water in a box available now.

Easy to use : Remove the tamper evident lid and push the button.

A few of the many advantages of Spirit in a box are:

  • Lightweight packaging
  • Energy reduction - eliminates washing or storing empty bottles
  • Sustainable low carbon footprint
  • hygienic - one way use
  • Store for emergency, humanitarian, disaster relief
  • Easy to carry with integrated board handle or plastic handle
  • Fits well in fridge between two shelves
  • No risk of bacterial and algae growth
  • No air penetration while dispensing (bag film collapses during pouring)
  • Dispense into a glass or cup directly from fridge
water ina a box

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