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Have you seen this: Naturally high alkalinity and healthy minerals.
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Have you seen this: Naturally high alkalinity and healthy minerals.
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Eagle Spirit Alkaline Water Store is Now Open!

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24 pack cases available now.

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  1. HYDRATION: Hydration is essential to your body’s brain, cell and organ function.
  2. AN ANTIOXIDANT: Alkaline water has the ability to “lend” electrons.
  3. STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM: Your body is the most complex, brilliant piece of “technology” you will ever own.
  4. DETOXIFY: We hear a lot about detoxification these days.

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Eagle Spirit Water

Naturally High Alkaline Water

There is such a great story behind this sacred high alkaline water that this natural spring has provided for the family and now the world. We at Rocky Mountain High Water Company, LLC would encourage you to review our site for the wonderful information contained within. Eagle Spirit Spring Water is a majority owned Native American Enterprise.

We are grateful to be included as a part of this history, learning about high alkaline water, Eagle Doctors and the Lords of the Plains.

Please click the the buttton (x) on the the far right of the top navigation to view our background slides.

You are at the web portal to the naturally high alkaline water from an ancient natural spring. This spring flows at the foot of the Wichita Mountains, once part of the Ancestral Rockies. The last great Comanche Eagle Doctor Mary "Sanapia " Poafpybitty lived here and required her patients to drink this naturally high alkaline water as it was thought to have incredible healing powers.

Mary's descendants were curious about the scientific properties of the artesian spring. They had the water analyzed and it was found that the natural spring had more health qualities than the family imagined. The research determined that Eagle Spirit Spring Water is the highest quality natural water bottled in America that has a great source of natural occurring minerals and alkalinity.

Please share our story with everyone you know. We must wake up now and start consuming more naturally healthy food and water products. We are made up of 75% water. Water is not just water. Clean healthy naturally high alkaline water is available here. We are proud to be able to present this valuable resource.


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24 Pack of Eagle Spirit Spring Water

At the foot of the Wichita Mountains, once part of the Ancestral Ro..

Eagle Spirit Ball Caps

Blue or Pink; Free with 4 cases of water ..

Naturally High Alkalinity Advantage

We drink Eagle Spirit Spring Water to keep our cells hydrated and preserve ..
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